Re: Two Video Adapters - disable one?

Geert Uytterhoeven (
10 Jul 1997 19:31:19 +0200

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Rogier Wolff wrote:
> > > I was wondering this a few months back, but never asked
> > > can linux support two vidoe adapters?
> >
> > My two cgsix adapters seem to work fine under Linux/Sparc :-) On the

Recent Linux/m68k versions can handle multiple boards, too. The author of the
frame buffer device driver for Cirrus Logic based boards, Frank Neumann, has
even _three_ video boards in his Amiga. If you add the Chip RAM for his builtin
Amiga graphics, he has as much video RAM as normal RAM (12 MB) :-)

> > PC, I've always been led to believe that the hardware couldn't support
> > multiple VGA cards. You can have a VGA and an MDA card, though. Recently,
> > some manufacturers have been making cards that allow you to use more
> > than one simultaneously. The Matrox Millenium springs to mind (we have
> > 2 or 3 in our PCs at work). I don't think you can mix and match with
> > other cards, though.
> Agreed: I asked "Metro-X" what cards I was supposed to have to be able
> to use the multi headed feature. The answer was "Matrox, Matrox or
> Matrox."

According to the web pages, Xaccel also supports multi head on one brand of
Trio64 based boards (remember, the boards with the incredible high clock limits
in 24 bpp).



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