Re: Two Video Adapters - disable one?

Yoav Cohen-Sivan (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 15:51:38 +0300

This does not belong on linux-kernel. Please take it to private mail.


PS: I know my reply doesn't belong on linux-kernel either, but it is the
only way I can see to reach the masses who refuse to stop posting
unrelated drivel to this mailing-list.

Don Fisher wrote:
> Yes, multiple video adapters are supported. Both the Metrolink server
> and the Xi graphics server provide multihead capability. And I think
> it
> is to be included in a future release of XF86. None on the above
> solutions allow you to drag a window from one screen to another, like
> the MAC has done for over 10 years:-( For me a major limitation.
> There is a hardware solution proposed by Colorgraphic Communications
> that is supoosed to allow dragging of windows in real time between
> screens. A linux dirver has been promised but is currently (as of
> June)
> not available.
> A software solution that allows dragging of windows is available for
> other "workstations" from XbigX.
> If we could convince them that linux was a viable market, it also
> might
> be an option. But most linux users want the software for free. And I
> think these folks write software so they can eat.
> don