Re: Linux on AMD K6

Lawrence (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 21:35:52 +1000

guess wrote:
> I am considering buying K6 processer instead of Pentium machine for an
> internet server wich will be running Linux/ http Server (Don't know wich
> one yet, probably Appache)
> I'd like to know public oppinion on this. Also some comparison on how it
> works on Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, and K6
> How much better is on or the other and by how much
> Also wich other recomded Hardware I should go for.
> Tim

20% cheaper than intel mmx cpu.
all intel mmx run at 2.8v core while K6 200 run at 2.9v and 233 run at
3.2v. make sure the motherboard will support it.
performance is more and less similar with intel mmx and slower than pII,
though AMD said K6 performance comparable with PII, in reality, it is