Re: intel penguin bootlogo - console implementation documentation?

Tuomas Heino (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 13:10:34 +0300 (EET DST)

On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Jon Torrez wrote:

> Yup, the only problem i find with the penguin is that
> everyone who comes over wants to see it, and that means rebooting ;(
> I'll see what i can do, to make a program to print out the penguin
> doesn't seem that hard...who knows...i am not that good with assembler
> and linux yet...well is there a difference I know assembler for
> DOS (Debug tasm etc..) is it the same syntax?
nasm should have the same intel syntax - gas uses at&t syntax...
anyone have _good_ documentation on at&t syntax and gcc's inline assembly
syntax? ;)

Also does anyone have any documentation on Linux's console implementation?

It looks like that the penguin could be displayed in user mode even
without root permissions... [font loading doesn't need root... well there
might be some problems with __ case...(don't ask;)]

so any ideas on how to display graphics in console using the font loading
interface? - it must be possible - and hopefully without root ;)

[if you say you _must_ bash the i/o registers then explain why ... well
vga i/o registers work kinda well with root though...]

(documentation on other parts of the console driver would be nice too;)