Re: SCSI disk naming

Matthias Urlichs (
11 Jul 1997 06:34:14 +0200

linux kernel account <> writes:
> On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Harald Milz wrote:
> > Heck, and we need support for more than 16 SCSI disks. I am going to test
> Would someone please tell me, IS ANYONE WORKING ON A DEVFS FOR LINUX? :)

Devfs isn't the problem. You can do it as well (if not better) via the
existing userspace program.

What we really need are longer device numbers in all file systems, esp.
ext2 of course. Everything else is (more or less) taken care of -- glibc
already has large device numbers, a new kernel stat() system call version
is easy to do, ditto for extending the kernel's idea of dev_t; all the old
code should work OK as long as you don't need devices with minor>255.

The real compatibility problem is stuff like "check if /path/to/a and
/path/too/to/b point to the same file" -- suppose you want to copy one to
the other, a is on 08/01 and b is on 08/101 (i.e. SCSI disk #17), and both
have inode 56...

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