Ethernet, 3com & Kernel problems (ignore previous post)

Simon Lea (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 15:56:41 +0000

Im installing Linux and have had to use a 2.0.29 boot disk to enable the

machine to get onto the network for an NFS install.

I have since repiled the kernel with both 3com and ether3 support and
run the netconfig command.

Upon re-booting, I get the following messages

ewrk3_probe0: detected device already registered at 0x2e0
ewrk3_probe0: detected device already registered at 0x3c0

Then when running rc.inet1 at boot time;

SIOCSIFFADDR: No such device
SIOCSIFBRDADDR: No such device
SIOCSIFNETMASK: No such device
SIOCSADDRT: Network unreachable
SIOCSADDRT: Network unreachable

I have copied the kernel and startup files (from /etc/rc.d) from a
machine that is on the network and works fine into the correct places on
this machine.

After changing the machines IP address so it's no longer the old
machines I reboot and get the same problem.

I am using kernel 1.2.13 (which has not caused any problems on any of
our other 30+ linux machines). The network connection does work and has
been tested with both a windows nt machine and with this machine after
using the 2.0.29 boot disk and mount root=/dev/hda2 ro command at the
lilo prompt.

Im totally stuck

Can someone please help ????