Re: SCSI disk naming (fwd)

Matthias Urlichs (
11 Jul 1997 07:41:24 +0200

linux kernel account <> writes:
> Whats wrong with having a single 27 gig volume???? Try rebooting it when
> the machine crashes because of cosmic rays.. Or just fscking it when you
> feel like it..

27 gig are benign. People are using worse. ;-)

> Or if you dont have lots of ram try formating it.. I was unable to format
> a 36gig volume with 2.1.40 and 64megs of ram.. After putting mem=256M on
> the commandline I could format it..
davem will be working on a pre-2.0.31-3 kernel which doesn't have this
problem any more.

> It's what apple did with macs, 'What's wrong with a GUI? Why would anyone
> want a commandline??'
Then start MPW (or ToolServer if you want to send it commands remotely).
Bingo, instant command line. ;-)

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