Re: intel penguin boot logo #2 and penguin rating

Pavel Machek (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 13:54:15 +0200

> On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Gerd Knorr wrote:
> > I've a second version of the penguin patch, placed this to
> [...]
> > Changes:
> > - I loaded the image into xpaint and turned a few bits on and off,
> > looks a bit better now I think :-)
> > - The logo is a compile time option now (2.1.42 only)
> > - The kernel version is displayed too
> > - The logo uses fewer characters (some chars of the block are
> > empty, these are real spaces now). So I could leave the
> > most frequently used box chars intact.
> On my machine, the penguin scrolls off very fast, so I like the older
> patch more, that displays the penguin in the upper right corner of the
> screen until you switch it off via a write to '/proc/penguin' (didn't
> someone want to put the 'penguin-rating' in there?). But this one flickers
> as the screen is scrolled, so maybe one could patch the console?

Hmm, what about turning off your turbo switch? You don't need it that
fast, anyway ;-)))).

Just kidding. Well, seems too difficult - for some penguin display,
you do not want to mess console...


Hmm, one more thing: What about removing unimportant kernel messages,
so there's nothing to push it off the screen? I'm not really
interested in info that unifix tested posix conformace long time ago

I'm really 	   Pavel
Look at ;-).