RE: Linux 0.01

Fyodor Yarochkin (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 17:08:46 +0600 (GMT+0500)

> > first version, say.. if i just add it to lilo, will it boot here?
> As I recall, the early kernels had to be booted with minix - i.e. they were not
> standalone systems, but relied on minix for filesystem and the like. Please corr
> ect me if I'm wrong.
minix systems? hmm.. can you tell me where can i get further description?

> If you are looking for a minimal kernel, I believe there is a project to make a
> reduced Linux for 8086 machines and the like. That should be easier to grasp, an
> d it is easy (=cheap) to get hold of an old piece of junk to run it on.
cool, any ideas where can i get it?