Re: mmap/write vs read/write supprise
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 15:26:28 +0200 <> writes:
>If we had madvise, the responsibility for determining the access
>pattern could be put on the application. We could still use a better
>default access pattern for mmap'd pages, though. Is the VM code
>sophisticated enough yet to take advantage of an madvise syscall?

Another approach to this would be to use a predictive algorithm
to determine which pages to prefetch. There was a neat article
on doing this in JACM recently. The idea is to use the core of
a good compression algorithm as the predictor. Apparently
this can be proved to be within a constant of the optimal
prefect strategy (i.e. the one that knows all future
fetches in advance). I don't know off hand what the real
performance of this would be like for kernel VM, but
someone ambitious with a lot of time on their hands
may want to play :)

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