Ok, grace period under Linux definitely broken...

Zeev Suraski (bourbon@netvision.net.il)
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 13:42:55 +0300 (IDT)

I've patched quota.c a bit to see what was going wrong, and looks like
dqblk.dqb_btime (the timestamp that represents when the grace period is
over) is erronously set to 0:

A regular, lucky user:
13:26 bourbon-ttyp5 nvlinux:~bourbon#./quota -q dtl
Grace period ended on 869674956 (current time 868789581)
Disk quotas for user dtl (uid 32068):
In block grace period on /dev/sdb1

A user dquot.c doesn't like:
13:26 bourbon-ttyp5 nvlinux:~bourbon#./quota -q bargold
Grace period ended on 0 (current time 868789585)
Disk quotas for user bargold (uid 32070):
Over block quota on /dev/sdb1

(both users are on the same filesystem, same group, and anything else I
can think of that has something to do with it. the grace period is 21
days for this fs).

I've tried to take a look at dquot.c but couldn't find any obvious bugs
concerning dqblk.dqb_btime. I'll try to look more into it later, but
since I'm not very experienced at hacking kernel source, if somebody more
experienced could take a look at it as well I'd be grateful.