Re: 2.0.31 : please!

Jeffrey Wiegley (
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 13:52:32 -0700

David S. Miller wrote:
> Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 14:38:32 -0500 (CDT)
> From: Phil Lewis <>
> > Maybe we need to take matters into our own hand? Lets put out a
> > 2.0.31 that fixes those bugs and announce it on
> > comp.os.linux.announce. 2.0.X seems abandoned to me.
> I guess you did not get Dave Miller's message that said he will
> spend all of next week on 2.0.31.
> Please everyone make up your minds, I would not mind to be saved a
> week or so of work for unnappreciative people...


I apologize for the attitudes of others on this list. Please keep in
mind that there are hundreds of people, like myself, who *really*
appreciate the work that you and the other developers do. We are
probably just a little more understanding, patient and less vocal than
some of the recent posters have been.

I can't even begin to track down the cause of some of the bugs in
2.0.X let alone suggest fixes for them. So I am extremely appreciative
of your efforts and I am looking forward to what you come up with this
week (or next week, or when ever you get around to it in between your
job and life. Something that a lot of people don't think the kernel
developers have)

Keep up the excellent work.. PLEASE!!!

- Jeff