Re: 2.0.31 : please!

Erik Andersen (
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 17:52:25 -0600

On Jul 13, Alan Cox wrote
> > Maybe we need to take matters into our own hand? Lets put out a 2.0.31
> > that fixes those bugs and announce it on comp.os.linux.announce.
> > 2.0.X seems abandoned to me.
> Thats the wrong way to do it. The right way is to join in working and
> collecting info for 2.0.31, or putting out modified code that isnt called
> 2.0.31 but is labelled otherwise. A good example was the 1.2.13lmp project
> (Linux maintenance project) which produced 1.2.x fixes/updates until
> very recently to get the absolutely maximally stable 1.2.x kernel.
> Alan

Now that the buffer cache stuff appears to be cleaned up, is there a complete
list of problems still left in 2.0.x? It seems that if there was a clear list
of known problems it would help so that we could systematically attack them.


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