Re: 2.0.31 : please!

David S. Miller (
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 02:38:47 -0400

From: Michael Harnois <>
Date: 14 Jul 1997 01:14:47 -0500

If we don't have a stable kernel, we don't have a prayer.

Yes, indeed, so all of us should go screw themselves.
Thanks a lot.

I think someone else should work on furthering the eventual 2.0.31
release. I don't have the stomache for it anymore. Any volunteers?

I'll dump whatever the latest is that I have, but you'll have to clean
it up a bit, and also Eric Schenk is gone for a while so there'll be
nobody to beat up the remaining networking problems past the fixes in
my tree right now.

Does anyone have any clue what makes any of us hack on this thing at
all? It's pretty simple, whats fun, interesting, and enjoyable to
work on, that is what we're going to hack on. Straight forward. I
happened to enjoy making a system solid, but not nearly as much as I
enjoy designing and implementing the latest and greatest.

But to hear someone go "HEY! That's not it, don't be sympathetic to
the developers, whats wrong with you! We need a stable kernel so that
we don't get ripped apart in the trade rags!", sorry that kills all my
desire to work on it.

I refuse to work on something in my spare time for people who berate
me and my fellow developers.

David "Sparc" Miller