Re: Documentation of kernel sources

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Tue, 15 Jul 1997 10:18:14 +0000

> Adam Mckee wrote:
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> > Hello all.
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> > I think there is a commercial opportunity here... if O'Reilly actually
> > released a good book that documents the core kernel code, I'd buy it in a
> >From what I heard from O'Reilly is that the Alessandro Rubini book
> "Writing Linux Device Drivers" is due for November 1997.
> Are you talking about this book or another one dedicated to the kernel ?

If you are, I've spent the last year writing one. I may not be what you
want, it's more intended to be a 5000' view rather than an internals
manual. It's what I would have like to have read _before_ I started hacking
the kernel in that it details the data structures and algorithms.

The latest version is on in
~ftp/pub/Digital/Linux-Alpha/Miniloader/docs/TheLinuxKernel. It is (like Linux)
Copylefted and the sources (LaTex) are available. Right now it is (or will be)
in review. Rather than deluge me, please sign up for review. I'm happy
(actually pathetically glad) of review comments.

> Regards,
> -- Meir
> > second and I'm sure a lot of others would also. Documentation like this
> > could bring a lot of new talent to the effort. I.e. maybe some people
> > could actually stop whining and start coding!
> >

It's like all clubs I've ever belonged to. A small proportion do all the work,
the large proportion of members are happy and satisfied and a small proportion
whinge no matter what you do.

David, please do the pre-31 (3) work and then lets turn this over to the LMP
for buffing up. Then you and the other good hacker folks can do what you
really wanna do: versions 2.1/2.2.

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