Two questions about trying pre-patches

Hartmut Niemann (
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 15:32:08 +0200 (MSZ)

Hi everybody!

I want to do my part on the pre-releases (pre-2.1.45 and pre-2.0.31) and
at least try to compile and boot them. (so far, so good...)

I finally found them at
(which you could advertise a little more, because it is not 'a usual place'
i.e. 'the favourite sunsite mirror near you'.)

Two stupid (?) questions:

1) is the pre-patch-2.1.45-*.gz against a clean 2.1.44 or against
a previous pre-patch?

2) is there anything you, the developers, are especially interested in
having run? There was a test suite project talked about some time ago,
how is it?

+--+ Hartmut

PS: I read this list thru a local mail-to-news gateway and would
appreciate if you mail or cc: me the answer or comments to this letter

Hartmut Niemann
Zum Aussichtsturm 18  D-91080 Marloffstein