Re: Linux and the lame FPU-ptrace function

Jason L Tibbitts III (
17 Jul 1997 19:39:21 -0500

>>>>> "AT" == Aaron Tiensivu <> writes:

>> So, who wants to help me out, and how does one get a patch into the
>> official linux source code? Does anyone really care about this? Thanks
>> for your help.

AT> Your knowledge exceeds your tact. If it weren't so condensending, I
AT> would have loved to help.

Oh, come on. Now we're being overly sensitive. His question is very
appropriate; why should he work on something if nobody cares about it
enough to make use of it or if it has zero chance of making it into the

Try reading "care about" as "need" or "want". Are you willing to assume
condescension because of a some inferred connotation?

As for the original question, yes, I (or some researchers I take care of)
would find it quite useful to be able to debug the FPU context.
Unfortunately, I've too many things going already to help. To get a patch
in, post it (or a pointer to it) here for people to play with first; if
it's good, someone will hopefully champion it. If not, convince someone to
champion it. If all else fails, mail it to Linus.

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