Re: [Feature Wish] GGI in Linux 2.3

Jason McMullan (
16 Jan 1998 05:43:54 GMT

Michael Schmitz ( wrote:
> I guess in that case it's not meant to be tested as a part of the kernel,
> except
> as 'experimental' option, defaulting to 'off'. GGI seems to require fundamental
> changes to video, console and keyboard code, I don't see how that can be done
> as a simple config option.

In 0.0.9, no, it can't be done. However, the EvStack code
(to be integrated into the next major GGI release) _is_
just a simple config option. Now that Linux has the
CONFIG_VT config, when CONFIG_GGI is enabled it activates some
key #ifdefs in drivers/char/*.c and drivers/char/Makefile,
disabling the current console code. 90% of this has already
been `found' for us by CONFIG_VT #ifdefs.

All the Kernel code in the EvStack release (see
for browseable source code) is in the drivers/console/ hierarchy, save
for a lonely ascii.h in include/linux, and the include/ggi/ tree. If
CONFIG_GGI is enabled, drivers/console/ `lights up' and the
GGI portion can then be configured.

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