Re: Solaris partitions (was devfs)

Steffen Grunewald (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 09:17:10 +0100 (MET)

"Rip Loomis writes"
|> I pulled that from has no Linux partition, but has the the following
|> "fdisk" partitions (expressed as if they *were* Linux partitions):
|> hda1 100MB FAT16 partition
|> hda2 400MB NTFS partition (NT Workstation, installation 1)
|> hda3 400MB NTFS partition (NT Workstation, installation 2 for testing)
|> hda4 1.2GB Solaris (type 83) partition
|> Within that 1.2GB "fdisk type 83" partition live 6 Solaris "slices",
|> including the "overlap" slice 2 which addresses the entire 1.2GB fdisk
|> partition.

Look very pretty like the old DOS extended partition stuff... Means
that the first sector of that Solaris partition contains a new boot
record with a partition table (perhaps BSD style ?).
So unfortunately this wouldn't be handled by the two versions we've
got in 2.0.3x kernels (only pure DOS including extended, and BSD a.k.a
SunOS disk labels - both at sector 0 of the disk).
I read something about Solaris/x86 partitioning support in 2.1.7x ...
Could you please dump the first sector of the solaris partition in hex
so one could cross-check whether Solaris is using BSD disk labels inside
its partition ?


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