Re: PPTP and GRE support

Nigel Metheringham (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 09:58:19 +0000 said:
} We here have made some modifications to the 2.0.31 kernel to support
} masquerading of pptp and gre packets to support Virtual Private
} Networking. It works with Windows NT 4.0 VPN and Extended Systems VPN
} Server.

} I am wondering if I could get some information on how to submit these
} patches to the developers for inclusion in the future kernel releases
} and to the development of the 2.0.x tree.

I'd say your chances of getting this into 2.0.x are zilch. There are a
number of far more tested additions to masq which have not been added to
the 2.0.x tree. The stable tree does not need yet more feature adds
followed by bug fix etc. I am expecting and really hoping that 2.0.34 is
finally the end of the line for 2.0.x. [OK, I admit it, I added too much
stuff in the 2.0.x line]

Contact the maintainers of the ip masq web pages and get them to link in
your patches so they are available if people want them. URLs are:-
[I see there is a PPTP patch already on there, but not under your name]

Next, work quickly towards porting your patch to 2.1.x. The internals of
masq in 2.1 are better suited for what you are doing anyhow. Please can
patches against 2.1.x be sent (or at least copied) to myself or Steve
Clarke <> and we'll see about rolling them into the
main distribution as well as trying to break them :-).

If you *really* want to attempt to add things to the 2.0.x line then talk
to the LMP folks
I would expect them to be a little sceptical.


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