Re: updated patch for 2.1.79 smbfs

Bill Hawes (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 08:59:59 -0500

John Corey wrote:

> Here's my results. With filemode 3, all is well. With 5, errors:
> Jan 15 21:34:10 linux kernel: smb_proc_readdir_long: name=\*, entries=0,
> rcls=2, err=1
> Jan 15 21:34:10 linux kernel: smb_refill_dircache: readdir failed,
> result=-23
> I tried 7 as well, and it looks ok. And Win95 still likes to hang up if
> there's no activity. Would it be feasible to automatically do a umount
> and remount if the connection is lost? Or a keepalive signal to the
> server? I'm not sure if Win95 lets you modify this "feature," but I'll
> look into it.

Hi John,

Thanks for the test results. I'm not sure why the filemode 5xxx is
failing, particularly in the proc_readdir_long, but will have to check

With regards to dropped connections, smbfs is supposed to recover and
reconnect automatically. One thing you could check -- after you're
pretty sure Win 95 has dropped the connection, but before trying any
smbfs activity, do a ps -ax to make sure the smbmount process is still
active. Then try a df command, and check the ps -ax again for the
smbmount process.