Re: menuconfig problem

Michael Elizabeth Chastain (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 12:02:33 -0600

Hi Brian,

> I have tried 2 2.1.x kernels, 2.1.72 and 2.1.79. On both of them, when I
> select some options in "make menuconfig", they don't show a "*" or a "M",
> they just stay blank! I have to "save/exit" then re-run make menuconfig,
> and then it will work, only to break again a few options down the road, so
> I repeat the procedure.

I did some work on Menuconfig between 2.1.72 and 2.1.79, including
some bug fixes.

Can you run 'script' and then do this:

ldd scripts/lxdialog/lxdialog
cat .config
make menuconfig

... and then mail me the script please.

Michael Chastain
"love without fear"