Re: 2.0.33 Oops when trying to execute 2.1.X kernel

Benny Amorsen (
16 Jan 1998 20:20:54 +0100

>>>>> "PM" == Pavel Machek <> writes:

PM> Hi! Do you want 2.0.33 to oops? Well, compile 2.1.X, take vmlinux,
PM> and try to execute it. ./vmlinux. It segfaults. Well, it *should*
PM> segfault. But it also produces kernel oops. Which is BAD. Oops is
PM> at iret, so it is pretty innocent.

You forgot to tell whether you did it as an unpriviledged user or as
root. If you did it as root the kernel has every right to do as it
pleases. (Unless you can point to a relevant specification that says
otherwise, of course.)