Re: Fw: fsck fails to detect uncleanly unmounted fs on 2.1.7x

Sergei Viznyuk (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 21:05:02 -0500

>And lo, Sergei Viznyuk saith unto me:
>> Please give me some credit. I didn't really quote
>> the message from fsck (e2fsck).
>> It just says the filesystem is clean plus some usual numbers.
>> And believe me, IT IS a kernel problem.
>> If I boot 2.1.57 kernel, fsck runs OK and does
>> detect uncleanly unmounted filesystem.
>> In 2.1.7x kernels it does not, no matter
>> how hard I crash the system.
>> Someone screwd up something in ext2 code
>> in recent kernels.
>Magic-SysRq-B or the reset button have both left filesystems not-
>cleanly-unmounted with kernels as recent as 2.1.79 for me...
>"Crashing" with the fs mounted read/write via the reset button
>should be plenty. Which version(s) seem to be not marking the
>fs unclean, and which version(s) seem to be not noticing that the
>fs was marked unclean?

in a case you did not get it yet, specially for you:

2.1.57 does detect uncleanly unmounted fs.
2.1.77 does NOT