(bugs in 2.1.80-pre3) (sound works) (one thing 10 times faster!)

Benjamin Redelings I (bredelin@UCSD.Edu)
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 18:17:46 -0800

Two fixes have been posted for soundcard.c. ONE of them works:
ARound line 1100, change the call to
"__get_free_pages(GFP_ATOMIC|GFP_DMA, sz)". Thanks Sander :)
There is a real problem with modules. "^L2^HH@0" is not a legal
modules name, and neither is the EMPTY STRING!!!!!!!! OK? :) The
problem is that modprobe can't locate these strange things...
Lastly, when I reboot, I get:

unregister_proc_table: neigh not empty!
unregister_proc_table: ipv4 not empty!
unregister_proc_table: net not empty!

I presume this is a problem in unmounting the proc filesystem. Perhaps
these are new WARNINGS not new bugs? I often reboot w/o hanging up the
modem :)

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! 2.1.80-pre-3 is even faster than pre-2. At least,
for one operation, (which is going forward in netscape 4.04) pre-3 is
like __10__ time faster! I suspect this is because something is cached
that wasn't before... but i don't know.