James Mastros (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 01:04:39 -0500 (EST)

Here ya go: a patch to make CONFIG_SMP a real config option in
pre-patch-2.1.80-3. Please, add this "obviously correct" patch into
pre-patch-2.1.80-4 (or 2.1.81, whichever comes first). This patch also:
1) Corrects two warnings from "make checkconfig":
include/net/ip_masq.h: 264: need CONFIG_IP_MASQ_NDEBUG.
include/net/profile.h: 4: need CONFIG_NET_PROFILE.
I didn't correct any others (that I didn't cause), because I started to
notice that I was making mistakes... (I wasn't checking if files that that
file included included config.h, and evedently make checkconfig makes the
same mistake).
2) Corrects drivers/sound/soundcard.c's __get_free_pages call. (Sound still
has the same problem as mentioned in my Re: Cannot load module @!^H (or
somesuch) for me).

The patch is rather large (15k bziped), so I havn't attached it. It is
avaible at (Note:
everything in Documentation/ ( and smp.txt) is stolen from
config-smp.2176 by Michael Chastain. Thanks!)

-=- James Mastros

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