Re: Solaris partitions (was devfs)

Ricky Beam (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 01:26:28 -0500 (EST)

Letting the chips fall where they may, I quote Rip Loomis:
>Figuring this stuff out and getting NT and Solaris to install on one
>system was painful, but kernel >=2.1.77 should support all this
> I'm not sure what your "would this be possible" question
>was really asking about.

Well getting Solaris and anything to coexist is a task! Solaris does what
I think should be done with SCSI hardware... do away with that shit-for-brains
DOS CHS mapping and use the drive's reported geometry as is. If the drive
says it has 4 head and 20,000 cyls then I'd beleive it as does solaris.
But other OSes cannot live with that.

>ObLinuxKernel: Has anyone tested the kernel support for Solaris slices
>on a multi-boot system as gnarly as this? I haven't put Linux on here
>because I had enough trouble getting Solaris and NT to play nicely
>together, but I'm interested in anyone else's results...

I've got Dos, Win95, WinNT, Solaris, and Linux all loaded on this machine.
NT is physically on a different drive for space reasons, but NT has the
MBR on the first drive. Lilo is on a partition as is the solaris boot
loader. (I wish I could get lilo to load the solaris loader, but...)

The boot ordering is controlled by which partition is active. NT is loaded
by lilo after the drives are swaped to make C the second drive.


PS: And it worked the first time out the gate!