Re: kernel creating /dev/pts/XX

Pavel Machek (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 09:34:00 +0100


[Debate about pty/tty pairs under Linux...]

> > I agree. The kernel should not create files on discs unless
> > explicitely asked to do so via the open(2)/mkdir(2)/mknod(2)
> > family. Nor should it fiddle the permissions of stuff on disc unless
> > explicitely asked to do so.
> > It may be easy to do, but it's really unclean, IMO.
> And what if root is mounted read-only?

Good point, I would really appredicate possibility to log-in even with
/ being read-only. It's true that making kernel work with
files... Well, ok! So make that syscall pass 'path to dev' or 'path
where to operete'. Do it on every such syscall. Then, kernel setting
permissions was more-or-less explicitly requested. Well, you did not
pass _full_ pathname, but I do not think that that matters too
much. What do you think?


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