Re: A3940UW bus resets with zip drive

John Gotts (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 11:57:41 -0500

In message <>, "Andreas F
redriksson (kernel account)" writes:

>Hi all, here's some feedback on the aic7xxx driver. I bought an internal scsi
>zip drive yesterday, and I'm having some problems using it. My controller is a
>combined Adaptec 3940UW / Creative Vibra16 on an Asus media bus.
>The vibra16 part works fine with the native kernel sb16 drivers! :-)

>The logs flood with a lot of "timed out.." entries followed by scsi
>bus resets, which are pretty tiresome (15 second lockup).

Not too long ago Daniel M. Eischen's aic7xxx patches from were
incorporated into 2.0.x and 2.1.x. His patches have worked like a charm for
the nearly 2 years that I've owned my 2940U controller (I purchased it before
there were any Ultra devices on the market.) Recently, though, someone has
been trying to fix obscure bugs in the driver that never manifested themselves
on my controller and has screwed up Ultra support in the process. I'm guessing
that he doesn't have an Ultra controller on which to test his modifications to
the driver. One result of that is that Red Hat 5.0 cannot be installed from a
CD-ROM connected to a 2940U controller or to a partition residing on a hard
disk connected to a 2940U controller. The current aic driver in 2.1.79 [just
barely] works with my 2940U, Plextor 8Plex CD-ROM, and Zip drive, but I don't
dare hedge my bets and try a SCSI hard disk.


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