Re: 2.1.79 + latest smbfs patch

Eloy A. Paris (
17 Jan 1998 18:07:43 GMT

David Burrows <> wrote:

: I just tried the above modification to <linux/smb_mount.h>, recompiled
: smbmnt, and lo and behold everything now works perfectly.. F@#$@ glibc2..
: :P

Great! There are also references to uid_t, gid_t and mode_t in smb.h
and smb_fs.h. I changed them as well just to be sure.

Manolo says he was able to compile and work with smbfs with glibc. I
wonder if he modified smb_mount.h as well. Did you Manolo?

: How about someone update the mount tools and maybe that include file with
: #ifdefs for glibc2 so nobody else has to go through that.. :)

I think it is better to have the include files modified in the kernel
sources. Changing uid_t to __kernel_uid_t is pretty harmless, as far
as I can see. This change in the kernel include files will make
compilation of smbfs userland utilities (and ncpfs utilities as well)
very ease under both libc5 and glibc.

: Another thought, why is there a smbmount and smbmnt.. it seems rather
: pointless as the only command smbmount supports is mount, which just calls
: smbmnt.. How about integrating smbmnt with smbmount like it originally was
: in 2.0.xx? Is this a feasable idea, I'm sure a quick hack could be
: whipped up.

I agree. This would be a great idea. I really prefer to have a
smbfs-2.2.x package rather than having the smbfs userland tools as
part of the Samba package.

I guess the problem is that the smbfs userland utilities depend too
much on smbclient to make the initial connection to the server and
maybe the Samba team is not willing to have parts of its smbclient
code in another package.

: How about the mount tool being able to automatically detect NT, 95, Samba,
: Wfw, etc, and being able to enable workarounds automatically. :) That is
: a bit much to ask though because we arn't really sure which workarounds
: solve which problems yet.

: P.S. I'm very happy this is working now.. /me does multiple backflips

So I am :-) It's nice to see 123 as the UID and 456 as the group ID
when smbmnt is called with -u 123 and -g 456 :-)

See ya!



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