Re: devfs

Kevin Lentin (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 12:37:56 +1100

On Fri, Jan 16, 1998 at 09:53:07AM +1100, Richard Gooch wrote:

> However, this I consider messy. You would have to know how many real
> partitions you have and which ones have how many slices.
> So, it would be more logical to have a naming scheme for
> controller,bus,target,device(lun),partition thus:
> /dev/sd/c0b0t0d0p1 a whole partition
> Then, if any slices are found in partitions, you would also have:
> /dev/sd/c0b0t0d0p1s3 a single Solaris slice within a partition
> and of course:
> /dev/sd/c0b0t0d0 a whole disc
> Leonard: what do you think of this?

I vote for this. In fact, I'll vote twice, three times. The naming scheme
reflects the hardware layout which is exactly what this style of naming
scheme should do.

> Also, if we were to go back to "p" for partition, how about "u" for
> LUN?

'u' for 'unit' [it's easier to sell to the non-believers] :-) yes.

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