Re: PCI unknown header type 82, ignoring?

Emil Briggs (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 21:55:47 -0500 (EST)

>What are these messages alerting me to? I've only been getting them for the
>last seven kernel levels or so (from 2.1.79 on down).
> Probing PCI hardware.
> PCI: 00:50 [104c/ac15/060700] has unknown header type 82, ignoring.
> PCI: 00:51 [104c/ac15/060700] has unknown header type 82, ignoring.
>Here's the list of pci devices according to /proc/pci:

The header type is the value read from the PCI header type register
for the device -- offset 0Eh in the PCI configuration registers.
A value of 0x80 means a multifunction device while I think 0 means
a normal device. I have no idea what 0x82 means and neither does the
kernel. The 104c string though means the vendor is TI while the ac15
is defined in pci.h as PCI_DEVICE_ID_TI_PCI1131 -- is this a TI laptop
or something? Whatever it is it has an unusual header type.