Re: PCI unknown header type 82, ignoring?

Martin Mares (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 10:53:55 +0100


> What are these messages alerting me to? I've only been getting them for the
> last seven kernel levels or so (from 2.1.79 on down).
> Probing PCI hardware.
> PCI: 00:50 [104c/ac15/060700] has unknown header type 82, ignoring.
> PCI: 00:51 [104c/ac15/060700] has unknown header type 82, ignoring.

The device is a TI cardbus bridge, but I don't know why does it use header
type 2 (the most significant bits means it's a multi-function device) which
is not defined in any PCI specs I've ever seen, so the PCI code in Linux is
unable to decode the device configuration header.

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