Re: First snapshot of a proposed set of fixes to make 2.0.34

Andi Kleen (
18 Jan 1998 19:59:08 +0100 (Alan Cox) writes:

> I'd appreciate feedback on these - especially on the Alpha platform so I can fix any further
> problems they may have caused someone and submit this on to Linus for 2.0.34
> o sysctl oops
> o ptrace oops
> o signal oops
> o i_count exploit
> o autofw help text
> o LDT memory leak
> o Warning in cdrom.c
> o Warning in eth16i.c
> o Remove experimental tag fro DLCI/SDLA support
> o SMC ultra32 module fix
> o eql warning
> o new_tunnel warning
> o kerneld/ifconfig exploit
> o ignore source quench and drive by the dropped frames (current "good practice")

Another candidate:

o ioport.c fix from 2.1 for gcc 2.8.0

It is clearly a linux bug and not a gcc problem, and I think it is important
that the stable kernel compiles correctly with the latest released gcc.