Re: 2.1.79: nfs_safe_remove: ... inode busy?? i_count=2, i_nlink=1

Bill Hawes (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 14:32:41 -0500

Robert O'Kane wrote:

> I got these in my syslog after gzipping some files I had
> just downloaded (with netscape) onto my NFS mounted dir.
> 2.1.79 is the NFS client
> 2.0.33 is the NFS server: Standard (old) NFS.
> I can't get linux-nfs-0.4.21 to compile correctly under
> 2.0.33 so no lockd :-(
> Here are the syslog entries:
> Jan 15 21:21:03 devilbox kernel: nfs_instantiate: //samba-1.9.17p2-1.9.17p3.diffs ino=587387019 in use, count=2, nlink=1
> Jan 15 21:21:03 devilbox kernel: show_dentry: //appletalk.debug, d_count=0
> Jan 15 21:21:50 devilbox kernel: nfs_dentry_delete: //samba-1.9.17p2-1.9.17p3.diffs: ino=587387019, count=2, nlink=1

These messages are potentially a problem, as they indicate a file was
removed on the server while a client still held a reference. In this
case the old reference is to appletalk.debug, but its use count is 0, so
it could be thrown away.

2.1.80 will have changes to fix this, gracefully in the case of unused
files as above, forcibly otherwise.