Re: [Feature Wish] GGI in Linux 2.3
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 15:12:03 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> > I think that GGI should be incorporated in 2.1.x myself, as it is
> > more stable than some of the code that is in 2.1.x right now, and
> > being added daily. As someone else allready stated, the feature
> > freeze, isn't really being held very tightly. 6 months ago, I
> > heard 2.2 would be out for christmas maybe. I put my bets on
> > Apr/Jun 98, and I think that it will eventually come out around
> > then or later. GGI works fine on my system right now. I haven't
> ^^^^^^^^^
> > mucked with it too much, but is a nice step in the right
> > direction I believe. "The Right Thing to Do" (TM)
> What kind of system do you have? m68k? PPC? Alpha? SPARC? MIPS?
> I don't want to offense anyone, but I hope you will get my point now.


No offense taken. GGI *should* be an OPTIONAL part of LINUX as
are most of the current components of Linux. If it only works on
Intel class machines first, then sobeit. Intel owners will have
the OPTION of GGI. Later on, other computer architectures will

> > If incorporated into ANY official kernel EVER, it should, and
> > probably would be an option in "make menuconfig". Turning on GGI
> > support would switch all console code to the GGI stuff, etc...
> That's a sensible idea...

Really, it's the only acceptable way of pleasing everyone. We're
all different people with different computing needs, different
biases, different likes, different dislikes. Something like GGI
is bound to not please everyone, so I doubt that it would ever
get stuck into the mainstream kernel as a replacement for
the console code. I'm sure it will be incorporated
eventually, as a config option. I can't wait!

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