Re: SCSI-Always IN 2000

Larry 'Daffy' Daffner (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 15:13:25 -0600

>>>>> "GF" == Gary Ferrer <> writes:

GF> Hi, A quick question. I'm having problems booting into Redhat
GF> 4.1 using LILO with an Always IN2000. The installation goes ok
GF> however if I try booting off the MBR, I get 'LIL' and that's
GF> it!. Same thing if I create a floppy boot disk pointing to the
GF> kernel on the SCSI HD. I need the dip swtich settings for the
GF> Always IN2000 card, do you know where I can find them? (I've
GF> looked all over the Inet already).

If you boot from a boot disk with the kernel on, does it find the
adaptor? If you have IDE disks, does the BIOS allow a fallback to
booting from a SCSI disk? Is the BIOS on the card enabled? Are all the
SCSI drivers compiled into the kernel or as modules? (They have to be
in the kernel to boot from the SCSI disk). If all those answers are
yes, then the only thing I can think of is that you may need to re-run
LILO (it needs to be run anytime the kernel file changes).

As far as the DIP switches, here's the meanings:

1&2: BIOS address
- 1 off, 2 off - C800h - C8FFh
- 1 on, 2 off - D800h - D8FFh
- 1 off, 2 on - D000h - D3FFh
- 1 off, 2 off - BIOS disabled

3&4: I/O address
3&4 off: 220-22Fh; 3 on, 4 off - 200-20Fh; 3 off, 4 on - 110-11Fh;
3&4 on - 100-10Fh

5,6,7: IRQ
5 on - disabled, 5 off - enabled
6&7 off - 15; 6 on, 7 off - 14; 6 off, 7 on - 11; 6&7 on - 10

8 - on = synchronous xfer, off = async
9 - on = floppy controller enabled, off = disbaled



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