Re: solid lockup 2.1.80pre2

Garst R. Reese (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 21:31:25 -0400

: > That sort of thing used to happen to me frequently when I used PPP
: > I reported it several times, but nobody ever had a suggestion.
: I think I still get that with ppp-2.3.2...and 2.1.76.

>Does SysReq-p show something? Is SMP enabled?

Alexey Kuznetsov

Not SMP (#SMP...), SysReq not enabled, Ctlr-Alt-Del no effect. 20Mb RAM.
40Mb swap.
486DX2/66, no PCI, no VESA bus, 14.4k MegaHertz PCMCIA modem. First
lockup since 1.3 something. ppp compiled as module, kerneld enabled.