aic7895 support is here :)

Doug Ledford (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 07:43:54 -0600 (CST)

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Well, the subject pretty much says it all. I have a new version of my patch
that is now available that brings the aic7895 support to linux. There are a
number of other enhancements included in this patch as well, and a few
things that I'm not completely finished with. The new patch should support
*all* of the cards that were previously supported, as well as the 7895.
Some of the added features of this patch are of particular interest to users
of not only the aic7895 chipset, but also chipsets such as the aic7771
(2742T, 2842, and motherboard EISA controllers) as well as the various PCI
controllers that previously had been found during the probe routines to only
support a small number of commands with SCB Paging enabled.

The distribution site for this patch currently is in the
directory /pub/linux/aic7xxx. This patch has been tentatively released as
my driver version 5.0.0 since this patch represents a major change from the
previous driver version (4.1 I think). It is an unofficial patch, with Dan
currently working on a new official driver that will allow incorporation of
the FreeBSD driver directly into the linux kernel tree with only minor
modifications via the use of a CAM compatibility code layer.

This new driver can be retrieved as either a patch or a tarball. Both
the patch and the tarball are against linux kernel version 2.0.33. People
should read the README and aic7xxx-5.0.0.README files in the ftp directory,
especially if they are interested in trying to use this driver with kernels
from the 2.1.x kernel series.

As mentioned in the aic7xxx-5.0.0.README file on the ftp site, special
thanks go to Hubert Mantel of Suse for loaning me hardware upon which to
test this code, and also special thanks to Justin Gibbs for helping me with
the semantics of the new sequencer from the FreeBSD CAM driver :)

Final note, this is the initial version of this patch. Although it is very
reliable on my machine, I make no gaurantees of reliability at this point.
There are a few known issues I am still working on, and it will probably
take at least some time to get everything ironed out and finalized in this
driver version. Having said that, I am keenly interested in feedback from
users of the 2742T controller, and from users of the various PCI controller
chipsets that would have had limited command space under the old driver
(7850, 7855, 7860, and 7861 if I remember correctly). Another item of
interest is feedback from people using things such as the Iomega drives with
tagged queueing enabled. There is code in place to detect and solve the
problems we have with these drives, but it is as of yet untested (and in my
opinion, broken, I need a tester specifically for this since I don't have
any SCSI devices that exhibit the same behaviour as these units).

E-Mail: Doug Ledford <>
Date: 19-Jan-98
Time: 07:43:55