Re: 3.0 wishlist Was: Overview of 2.2.x goals?

Andi Kleen (
19 Jan 1998 21:18:11 +0100

Dan Hollis <> writes:

> On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, John Carol Langford wrote:
> > > > * Ethernet load balencing (I've seen stuff to do that)
> > > Generic load balancing. eql has big performance problems and needs a major
> > > overhaul.
> > I expect a better solution follows the form of equal cost multipathing +
> > more interesting load balancing algorithms.
> If you have been following the discussion, Alexey Kuznetsov declared this
> is impossible in linux. Even though Cisco can do it, Alexey declared Linux
> too mature for that sort of childish nonsense (multipath+balancing) :-)

I guess when you hack linux to turn off the routing cache on demand it
could probably work. But such a hack is unlikely to ever get incorporated
in the official kernel sources. A better way to do it is to fix EQL probably
(or e.g. use the MPP code in the synchronous PPP driver)