Re: [Feature Wish] GGI in Linux 2.3

Stefan Mars (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 23:49:49 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Daniel Egger wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, you wrote:
> >Come on! We have released 0.0.9, _not_ 1.0. The CVS tree is not guaranteed
> >to compile, it's an unstable development version, nothing more, nothing
> >less.
> By the way: The "official" version 0.0.9 isn't compiling either...

Yes, I noticed that you said that, but in a sense the same argument goes.
Dali (that's the 0.0.9 release) is a public prerelease, for which we tried
to fix as many bugs as we possibly could. But we do have limited hardware
available to test on, we only got what the developers have, and so we are
bound to have bugs somewhere we don't know about. That's one reason to do
this prereleases, while it certainly shows people were we are standing at
the moment, it also gives us a lot more testing information.

> On the one side I see that for the development work it would be useful
> to get it integrated in the latest kernel but on the other side I see
> a package with nice goals but doen't work even a little bit
> -> It's simply to early to integrate it into the kernel IMHO

I agree, and so does most of the other GGI people. We are aiming for
being included in 2.3.

> >Instead of complaining, perhaps you could report the problems you have
> >encountered to the GGI mailing list, or if you are not on it, you can send
> >it to me and I will forward it.
> I just subcribed to the mailing list and I'm sure I will contribute to it as
> soon as I have time for such things again...

Great, I look forward to helping you solve your problems then.

> >If you have already reported the problem, then we will fix it. It might
> >not be today, and it might not be tomorrow either, but we'll get around to
> >it.
> I work hard on understanding how it works and if I get the trick
> I'll be glad to support development...
> >While it is way to early to integrate GGI into the mainstream kernel I
> >would still like to point out that GGI _is_ succesfully running on quite a
> >lot of systems, so condemning it for a development version not working on
> >_yours_ is a bit childish, at least from my point of view.
> I wouldn't complain if it just worked a little bit but it don't...
> Okay, I have to admit that the kernel compiles but it didn't take
> a long time to realize that having just the compiled kernel
> restricts use of the whole system.
> To get a bonus of it you have to have at least the libraries
> which don't compile :(( ....

Yes, the kernel is a bit restrictive at the moment, but we are working on
a new one (EvStack) that will solve the current limitations of the KGI
kernel. For example EvStack will allow you to run a standard Xserver
again, something which is not possible for the moment. Currently you have
to use Xggi which in return requires libggi (and if you can't get that to

But I would be most happy to get a compile log for libggi, it's very
unusual that it doesn't build correctly (well, there is reason to believe
we have broken it now, but 0.0.9 should definitily have compiled).


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