Re: Bugfix (?) for bttv [PATCH]

Richard Guenther (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 10:57:06 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Richard Guenther wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > To make the spurious lockups I get with the bttv driver go away,
> > > I changed the for ever polling loop to try only a second.
> >
> > Ok. Question - are you also running the teletext driver and can you
> > see which I2c address is timing out ?
> The lockups are very seldom (well, if you want to have one, you never
> will get one ;-) - don't know how to reproduce them), and locked up
> the machine completely (sysrq works, but I got no display, since
> X was locked). Perhaps I should make some more debugging printk's
> and tell you the address, when it happens. (I never got a timeout
> after applying the patch, but thats murphy's law).

Now, I got some lockups. I can reproduce them(?), or at least the
symptoms by just SIGKILLing X.
But, it seems that I have no chance to debug this problem, as I have
no access to VC's after the lockup of X. Disk access is also not
working, so I suppose a locked PCI-Bus?? Sometimes videoplayback
stops, sometimes it continues... sort of weird.
I think it is _not_ a timeout, since then it should return control
back to me after a while. But definitly, bttv is triggering

Q: What is the PCI-Bridge feature disabling of? (Yes, I have an FX)
Could it be still too less feature disabling?

Lockups (during normal usage of xawtv) happen usually at channel-switch

Hope this helps. At the weekend I could get a second machine to test,
if networking locks up, too...


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