ipfw in > 2.0.31

Mikael Abrahamsson (swmike@swm.pp.se)
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 14:26:32 +0100 (MET)

I have this problem I discovered a week ago or so.

We use a linux machine as a firewall and router, doing some packet
filtering. With 2.0.30 and before this worked just fine, but I discovered
that lately (after upgrading to first a pre-2.0.31 and then to 2.0.33) the
firewall doesnt seem to filter anything. The rules I see with ipfwadm -F
-l doesnt imply letting some of this stuff through...

Was there any changes in the firewall code after 2.0.30 causing this? Are
there other people with 2.0.33 that have a large access list (30+ "rules)
that have it working properly?

Since I cannot find anything wrong with my "policy" I start to wonder if
there is an OS error.

The machine is a stripped RH 4.2 with 5 network cards, 3 NE2000 and two

Any confirmation about people running 2.0.33 with properly working
firewall functionality is appreciated.

Mikael Abrahamsson email: swmike@swm.pp.se