How to fix 1.5x fast time (RTC patch?)

Dave Cinege (
Tue, 20 Jan 98 16:44:13 -0500

Third time I'm posting this.....didn't see it come through the other two times.
Am I getting filtered for some reason?

This is not an idiot question. NO adjtime will not decrease time that is this fast!
Hopefully if I get enough info it will lead me to write an RTC patch if one is not

Very briefly:
I have a custom bus speed hack.
Jumpers are set to 120MHz (60MHz Bus), but the CPU's are actually running at
180 (90MHz bus). BIOS is too dumb to know what is going on, tells something
that tells linux the incorrect timing scheme. Linux calibrates against this bad
number and the end result is all timing is scewed by 1.5X. (If I had the BIOS
source I'd fix it in a few seconds. Yes it's x86, but 90% of it is compressed with
a weird scheme)

OS/2 and NT are not a problem..they use the RTC. Is there a patch to have linux
work this way? If not, what is the best way (Q&D is fine now) for me to fix this?
Just point me to the right spot and I'll figure it out. Optimally setting correctly
what ever the BIOS set wrong would be nice.

After 10 months I'm getting tired of it, though I do have to say, playing Quake at
1.5x can be quite amusing. : >