Re: CD Partition (was: scsi naming (was: devfs patch v3))

Gerd Knorr (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 22:22:09 +0100

>BTW: I'd be more interested in making the _data_ tracks available.
>I have disks right now with music tracks preceeding the data tracks,
>and I can't access the data tracks under Linux, although I can under Windows.

>Its a sad day when I can do something under W95 that I can't do in Linux.
>Linux tries to mount the first music track and chokes. As far as I know,
>there's no option to specify which track to mount...

Should'nt be required.

The data track is in a second session, a stupid HiFi CD-Player will not
find it (and therefore will not try to route the data as audio to your
loudspeakers). You should get the start of the data track as multisession
offset. I have such a CD, and can mount it without problems. Looks like

bogomips kraxel ~# cdinfo sr1
CD Info 1.0 | (c) 1996 Gerd Knorr & Heiko Eißfeldt
track list (1 - 16)
1: 00:02:00 (000000) 0x0 0x1 audio
[ more audio tracks ]
15: 56:04:32 (252182) 0x0 0x1 audio
16: 64:01:48 (287973) 0x4 0x1 data
170: 71:15:65 (320540) 0x4 0x1 data (leadout)
what ioctl's report
get mcn : 0000000000000
disc status : unknown (failed?)
multisession: 287973 XA
audio status: no status
try to find out what sort of CD this is
session #2 starts at track 16, offset 287973, isofs size 32116
CD-ROM with both Macintosh HFS and iso9660 fs
iso9660: 62 MB size, label `ROSENSTOLZ '
Multisession, offset = 287973 CD-Plus/Extra

My HiFi-Player reports only 15 tracks, the 16th (data) track is'nt

Can you mount other multisession CD's with your drive?


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