Re: Hot swap kernel ;The Doctor What ("
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 15:57:16 -0800

Telephone Game! Bart Kus said (on 04:10 PM 1/20/98 -0600):
->On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Kalle Andersson wrote:
->> I am sorry if I am the 57th asking for this but it would be great
to be able to
->> hotswap kernels, ie change kernel without needing to reboot.
-> A very nice idea. I remember reading somewhere that "the only time
->a machine should be rebooted ought to be for hardware upgrades. Anything
->else is buggy software." :) Altho I'm sure quite a few people will want
->to kill me right about now, so I'll just shut up.

Heheh.....I actually work for Tandem Computers. We don't stop for
hardware upgrades, but we do stop for OS upgrades....but maybe the next
version of the S-series...(well, I can dream...)

Aside: We used to do a demo for clients where we would shoot (with a
gun) an IO board and . . . . . . it'd keep on trucking! ;)



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