Re: 3.0 wishlist

Andi Kleen (
21 Jan 1998 03:03:30 +0100

Dan Hollis <> writes:

> > > I'm leaning toward the way IRIX does dumps now... which nullifies
> > > all arguments against 'confused hardware'. This will only be
> > > possible if a way can be found to prevent BIOS from stomping all
> > > over memory on a warmboot though.
> > Going over the network might be safe, since you could disable
> > disk access first. Maybe use a separate network stack with a
> > really simple non-standard (not IP) protocal. It could use
> > Ethernet broadcast and forget any streaming features.
> Ooh. Many routers (Cisco, Morningstar, etc) have the option to do a
> crash dump via tftp. This has the advantage that its easily supported, and
> the protocol is very simple. Would this be a reasonable approach? E.g.
> dump /proc/kcore via tftp to a specified host.

I think that would be a nice idea. Just needs someone to implement it ;)