Re: NT vs Linux (the inevitable holy war solved!)
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 20:36:02 -0600 (CST)

And lo, Perry Harrington saith unto me:
> Hehe, someone sent this to me today, gotta love it. To me this just seals
> the NT vs Linux arguement... :)
Last fall I had sectors going bad on a hard disk. This crashed linux,
despite tune2fsing the filesystem to only remount-readonly on hard errors.
DOS only failed to read the files (DOS dealt with floppies from the get-
go, so of course it had Abort, Retry, Fail? down from the get-go) which
were on corrupted parts of the DOS partition.

I never figured out if it was the SCSI driver (53c8xx), e2fs, the vfs
layer, or higher; all I was doing was tar cf - dying_directory | \
tar xfC - /mnt/elsewhere... And the disk is long gone, replaced by
the manufacturer.

> > Here's a new one... Ever heard of a bad diskette crashing a NT system?
> > Well, it sure will... Don't that suck? I still don't believe it...
Alas, Linux isn't so far ahead as you'd like to think.


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