2.1.80 kinda stuffed.. =)

Thu, 22 Jan 1998 04:42:31 +1100

Hiya =)

Just got 2.1.80; compiled it, installed it; then
just as i was gonna reboot i got the email from Linus
saying that we need a tcp patch.. okies.. try patch;
the patch fails.. i go modify it manually (i only
needed to change one line) - recompile, install..

First of all i'm greeted with what looks like a hex dump =)

That was followed with a few "irq probe errors"

I waited for a while.. after about 5 timeouts ( i wasn't
to scared of these, i've been seeing em alot, my cdrom
drive is playing up.. (but this was not the cause of the
prob)) i saw something like:


Now i know something is wrong..

more stuff followed like "ide(0) reset" - so basically the
ATAPI stuff is screwed (at least on my machine..) no it
wasn't a module or anything =)

Any ideas ppl? I've heard other ppl complaining of this;
so basically this means 80 didn't fix everything, it broke
it =)

Cheers, Damo