Re: NT vs Linux (the inevitable holy war solved!)

Andi Kleen (
21 Jan 1998 15:52:15 +0100 (Rogier Wolff) writes:

> [vigirous reshuffling by me -- REW]
> Paul Wilkins wrote:
> > > > Here's a new one... Ever heard of a bad diskette crashing a NT system?
> > > > Well, it sure will... Don't that suck? I still don't believe it...
> >
> > I just had to say that broadly advertising NT bugs only helps M$
> > improve their product. Let's not waste bandwidth telling M$ what they
> > need to fix huh?
> >
> > This is definately off topic in the first place.
> Lets make it on-topic then.
> Anybody looking for a nice kernel-project?
> -- Fix ext2fs to not panic on disk errors. Nowadays it does
> ext2_panic (inode->i_sb, "ext2_read_inode", [..]);
> when it gets a disk error in an inode block. It should "reject"
> the request and attempt to continue. If this happens on critical
> data on my root disk, then the system will crawl to a halt soon
> enough, and when it happens on a floppy I got from a friend of a
> friend, which I just shoved into my file/mail server it is quite
> anoying.....
> (Testing is usually hard for this kind of problems. However as you
> have the source, you can modify the floppy driver to refuse (return
> error) a read say 1 in 10 times.)

This is already fixed in 2.0.33 and 2.1.x too, thanks to Stephen Tweedie